• What are Feed-In Tariffs?

Feed-in-Tariffs (F.I.T’S) are payments made to property owners for generating electricity from their Solar panels.



There are three ways that the FiT’s help you make money from generating your own electricity:

  •  The Generation Tariff:

The generation tariff is paid for every single unit of electricity your Solar system generates, regardless of whether you use this electricity within your property or export it to the grid.

  • The Export Tariff:

You will also be paid an export tariff for half of the total units your system generates.

  • The bit you still buy from your electricity supplier:

When you can’t generate enough electricity for your needs you still buy electricity from your utility company at the normal rates but it’ll be much less electricity than you currently buy because of A reduction on your standard electricity bill, from using energy you produce yourself.

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