1. Solar panels are made up of silicon cells, typically 60 of them. These silicon cells turn energy which absorbed from the daylight into useful energy that can be used inside your home. This is known as the Photovoltaic effect from which the generation of direct current (DC) electricity results.
  2. Before this electricity can be used, it has to be changed to alternating current (AC) electricity. This is done by the inverter system.
  3. This AC electricity travels through to an OFGEM approved, digital generation meter which keeps a track on the system’s total generation in kilowatt hours (kWh).
  4. The AC electricity then flows into your fuse box which decides where the electricity will go
  5. The electricity is then used to power your home. If the supply from the solar panels is greater than the demand within your home, the excess will be sent back to the grid. Similarly, if demand is greater than supply, the additional units are purchase from the grid as usual.

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