Residential solar panel installation

Mr. Zerihan, installed Sep 2011

Solar Panels for Homes

Solar power systems for homes have become very popular since the Government introduced the Feed In Tariff for solar in 2010. Around a million homes have installed Solar systems! And it’s not slowing down. From January to September 2016, an average of 2,300 homes installed solar power systems every month. As well as benefitting from FiT payments for 20-25 years, these home owners will also enjoy free electricity for life.

During just three months from April to June 2016, a staggering £317,276,659 (three hundred and seventeen million) was paid out in FIT payments.

So while you are thinking about installing a solar power system for your home, you are paying towards the £317 million paid out to those smart home owners who have already installed theirs.

Our installation process for residential customers:

APPOINTMENT: Book in with one of our solar consultants to come to your home for free no obligation appointment.
QUOTE: They will discuss all the options with you and give you a final price for the system.
SURVEY: If you decide to go ahead with us, we can get you booked in for one of our surveyors to come assess your property and send it off for validation.
INSTALLATION:  Once your property has been approved, our team will call you and book an installation date.

Is my roof suitable?

Most flat or pitched roofs are suitable for Solar. Even if you do not have a direct south facing roof, most properties can generate a good about of energy regardless. When you book an appointment, our team will put together a desktop survey of your property to show at the meeting which will calculate your estimated yearly generation.

Will it look good?

One concern of installing a rooftop solar system is aesthetics. Solar panels on for your home can look unsightly on period or high-value properties. We have a number of different types of panels ranging in colours and styles, including in roof panels as shown below:


Roof Integrated Panels

Mono Black 285w Panels

Mono Black 285w Panels













Contact us to today to book a free no obligation meeting for solar panels on your home!

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